Goal 1: Staff Readiness & Wellness

Strive to achieve program excellence and identify areas for growth.

Goal 2: Children & Families

Ensure excellence in early care, education, and school readiness.

Goal 3: Community Engagement

Strengthen community engagement and strategic partnerships.

Our Mission

Early Explorers Head Start and Early Head Start are early childhood development programs dedicated to providing quality

Our Purpose

Promote school readiness in a learning environment that supports children’s growth in language, literacy, mathematics, science.

Our Vision

Exploring the Possibilities Together

Our Core Values

Attitude: We believe that remaining positive and looking ahead are essential parts of achieving goals.

Head Start Child Development and Learning Framework

The guiding principles of the Framework have been fundamental to the Head Start program from its inception in 1965. These principles provide the foundation for program policies and practices that prepare young children for success in school and beyond.

Each child is unique and can succeed.

Children are individuals with different rates and paths of development. Each child is uniquely influenced by their prenatal environment, temperament, physiology, and life experiences. With the appropriate support, all children can be successful learners and achieve the skills, behaviors, and knowledge described in the Framework.

Learning occurs within the context of relationships.

Caring families, teachers, and other adults matter in a young child’s life. Responsive and supportive interactions with adults are essential to children’s learning.

Families are children’s first and most important caregivers, teachers, and advocates.

Families must be respected and supported as the primary influence in their child’s early learning and education. Their knowledge, skills, and cultural backgrounds contribute to children’s school readiness.

Children learn best when they are emotionally and physically safe and secure.

Nurturing, responsive, and consistent care helps create safe environments where children feel secure and valued. In these settings, children are able to engage fully in learning experiences.

About Early Explorers

Building on
a Strong Foundation

Early Explorers, TGU School District, is proud to offer Head Start and Early Head Start services to children and families for over 50 years. As one of nine Head Start programs in the state, we join a national tradition of delivering high quality comprehensive services that foster the overall goal of increasing young children’s ability to succeed in school and life.

Early Head Start serves eligible children up to age three, as well as expectant mothers in Wells and Ramsey Counties. Head Start serves preschool children (ages 3-5) in Anamoose, Devils Lake, Harvey, Rugby and Towner. We work with community partners and parents to provide early childhood development and school readiness, disabilities, health and safety, nutrition, mental health, and family development. Early Explorers implements individualized plans for each enrolled child to maximize their development.

The best start is a Head Start!

Exploring the Possibilities Together